The Church of Almighty God



  1. A Loyal Heart Song Lyrics
  2. All the Way in Your Company Lyrics
  3. All Things Are a Manifestation Lyrics
  4. Attachment to God Lyrics
  5. Blessed Are Those Who Song Lyrics
  6. Christ Expresses Song Lyrics
  7. Christ of the Last Days Reveals the Mystery of God’s Management Plan Song Lyrics
  8. Give Mind and Body Song Lyrics
  9. God Blesses Those Song Lyrics
  10. God Has Always Been Song Lyrics
  11. God Has the Best Intentions Lyrics
  12. God Incarnate in the Last Days Ends God’s Management Lyrics
  13. God Is Among Us Song Lyrics
  14. God Is Seeking Your Heart and Your Spirit Lyrics
  15. God Is the Sole Song Lyrics
  16. God Suffers Greatly to Save Man Song Lyrics
  17. God’s Disposition Song Lyrics
  18. God’s Judgment Reveal Song Lyrics
  19. God’s Love and Essence Are Selfless Lyrics
  20. God’s Essence Truly Exists Song Lyrics
  21. How Joyous the Belief in God Lyrics
  22. How To Be Perfected Song Lyrics
  23. How to Search for God’s Footprints Song Lyrics
  24. I Am Determined Song Lyrics
  25. I Will Submit to God’s Orchestrations in All Things Lyrics
  26. I Wish Only to Gain Song Lyrics
  27. I’m Just a Tiny Song Lyrics
  28. Lose the Chance Song Lyrics
  29. My Heart’s Longing Song Lyrics
  30. O My Beloved Song Lyrics
  31. Only Honest People Song Lyrics
  32. Only Those Who Accept Song Lyrics
  33. Only You Can Save Me Song Lyrics
  34. Our Life Is Not in Vain Song Lyrics
  35. People Don’t Approach God’s Words With Their Hearts Lyrics
  36. Praise the New Life Song Lyrics
  37. Quieting Myself Before God Lyrics
  38. Since God Saves Man Lyrics
  39. Sing the Praise of Almighty God Lyrics
  40. Submit to the Current Song Lyrics
  41. Sweet Love Lyrics
  42. The Attitude One Song Lyrics
  43. The Call of Our Beloved Lyrics
  44. The Generation of the Last Days Is Blessed Lyrics
  45. The Joy of Praising God Lyrics
  46. The Kingdom’s Vistas Are Always Like New Song Lyrics
  47. The Reasons Why Song Lyrics
  48. The Significance of the Appearance of God Lyrics
  49. The Work of Judgment Song Lyrics
  50. There Is No True Service Without True Prayer Lyrics
  51. Time Lyrics
  52. To Love God You Song Lyrics
  53. Waking Up to Song Lyrics
  54. We Can’t Stop Singing Songs of Love for God – Lyrics
  55. We Gather Together in the Church Song Lyrics
  56. What God’s Work And Song Lyrics
  57. When Mankind Enters Song Lyrics
  58. Why People Fail Song Lyrics
  59. You Must Know How to Song Lyrics
  60. You Should Understand Song Lyrics
  61. You’re Protected Because Song Lyrics