Bless The Lord Oh My Soul Keyboard Chord

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Bless the Lord oh my soul Oh my soul Worship His Holy name Sing like never before Oh my soul I’ll worship Your Holy name Keyboard Chords and lyrics.

Bless The Lord Oh My Soul Keyboard Chord

Bless the CLord oh my Gsoul

DOh my Emsoul

CWorship His GHoly Dname

Sing like Cnever beEmfore

COh Dmy Emsoul

I’ll Cworship Your DHoly Gsus4name    G – 2

Stanza 1:

The Csun comes Gup

It’s a Dnew day Emdawning

CIt’s time to Gsing Your Dsong Emagain

WhateCver may Gpass

And whatDever lies beEmfore me..

CLet me be Gsinging

to the Devening Gcomes

Stanza 2:

You’re Crich in Glove

And You’re Dslow to Emanger

Your Cname is Ggreat

And Your Dheart is Emkind

For Call Your Ggoodness

I will Dkeep on Emsinging..

CTen thousand Greasons

For my Dheart to Gfind

Stanza 3:

And Con that Gday

When my Dstrength is Emfailing

The Cend draws Gnear

And my Dtime has Emcome

CStill my Gsoul will

Sing Your Cpraise Emunending..

CTen thousand Gyears

And then foreDverGmore

ForGsus4ever       G more

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