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By The Grace Of God Keyboard Chords (Db Major) and lyrics with all transpose control From Bethel Music Sung By. Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson.

By The Grace Of God Christian Keyboard Chords

Verse 1

I Dbrest my Ab/Csoul on GbJesDbus

BbmWhen the Ab/CmountDbains Gbshake

I Dbput my Ab/Ctrust in GbJesuDbs

The GbmomAbsusent I aDbwake

Verse 2

DbWhen my Ab/Csoul is Gblost as Dbsea

BmbHe will Ab/Cbe            Dbmy Gbrock

My Dbvision Ab/Cbe in GbChrist Dbalone

This Gbgrace is Absusall we’ve Dbgot


His Gblove is like the mighty Dbocean

His Gblove for me will never Absusstop         Ab

Oh His Bbmarms are strong enough to Fmcarry Gbme

Through it Dball by the Absusgrace of DbGod

Verse 3

So Dbhigh Ab/Cupon His GbshoulDbders

BbmSafely Ab/Cbrought Dbthis Gbfar

DbHelper Ab/Cof my Gbhelpless Dbsoul

The GbKing of Absusbroken Dbhearts



GbYou are the Absuspassion of my Bbmlife, Lord Jesus

GbYou are the Absussong within my Bbmsoul        Db/F

My Gbstrength, my Absushope, my Bbmall in all is GbYou, BmJesus AbsusYou

Verse 4

When Dbbreath grows Ab/Cstill

And Gbnight draws Dbnear

I Bbmwill not Ab/Cbe          DbafraiGbd

I Dbknow the Ab/Cplans He Gbhas for Dbme

Don’t Gbfinish Absusat my Dbgrave


Through it Dball by the Absusgrace of DbGod

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