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Clean Keyboard Chords (C Major) and lyrics with all transpose control From English Christian Song Sung By. Hillsong UNITED.

Clean Christian Keyboard Chords

Verse 1

CPrecious blood has left me forFgiven

CPure like the whitest of G5snow

C/EPowerful to Fsus2make sin and G5/Dshame A5/Eretreat

This F5covenant is G5making me C5whole


So CI will Frise and lift my Chead

For by His Am7mercy my life was G5spared

The highest FName has set me Cfree

Because of AmJesus, my Fheart is C5clean

Verse 2

C5Purify my heart in Your Fsus2presenceC5

Teach me to discover the Gjoy

Of C/Eholiness that Fsus2forms as You Gdraw me Am7close

Fsus2In You what was Glost is reC5stored



Because of AmJesus, my F5heart is C5clean

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