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Every Crown Keyboard Chords (F Major) and lyrics with all transpose control From Bethel Music Sung By. Kalley.

Every Crown Christian Keyboard Chords

Verse 1

I have Dmwatched how You drove back the Bbsea

That swallowed Fup my every Cfear

I have Dmwalked from the shore to the Bbdeep

Through it Fall You were Cthere

Pre Chorus

BbMighty Redeemer Cstrong to deliver

DmYou are the Great CI BbAm


We Fcrown You with every crown for the way You saved us

DmCrown You with every crown for the way You love us

CHigh King of Heaven we crown BbYou the Lord of Fall

Verse 2

I have Dmwatched how You led through the Bbwild

A cloud by F/Aday and fire by Cnight

Guiding Dmme to Your promised Bbland

Every F/Astep by my Cside



All F/Ahail redeemer Bbhail

For F/AYou have died for Cme

Your F/Apraise will Bbnever Cnever Dmfail

Through Bball CeterniFty

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