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Good Good Father Keyboard Chords (A Major) and lyrics with all transpose control From English Christian Song Sung By. Casting Crowns.

Good Good Father Christian Keyboard Chords

Verse 1

AI’ve heard a Asusthousand Astories

Of what they Asusthink You’re Alike

But I’ve heard the Asustender Awhisper

Of love in the Asusdead of Anight

And You D2tell me A/C#that You’re pleased

And that Bm7I’m never aE(add4)lone


You’re a good, good D2Father,

It’s who You are, A/C#it’s who You are,

Bm7It’s who You E(add4)are

And I’m loved by D2You

It’s who I am, A/C#it’s who I am

Bm7It’s who I E(add4)am

Verse 2

Oh and AI’ve seen many searching for

Answers far and wide

But I know we’re all searching for answers only You provide

Because You D2know just A/C#what we need

Before Bm7we say a E(add4)word



Because You are D2perfect

In all of Your F#m7ways

You are Bm7perfect in all of Your Aways

You are D2perfect in all of Your F#m7ways

Verse 3

Oh this ALove so AsusundeniAable

I, I can Asushardly Aspeak

Peace so AsusunexAplainable

I, I can Asushardly Athink

As You D2call me, A/C#deeper still

As You Bm7call me A/C#deeper still

As You D2call me A/C#deeper still

Into Bm7love, love, E(add4)love



You are D2perfect in all of Your Aways    Bm7E

You are D2perfect in all of Your Aways   F#mE

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