Lord I Need You Keyboard Chords

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Lord I Need You Keyboard Chords (G Major) oh I need You and lyrics with all transpose control From Sung By. Chris Tomlin.

Lord I Need You Christian Keyboard Chords

Verse: 1

Lord, I Gcome, CI con-Gfess

Bowing Em7here I Dfind my Crest

Without GYou I Cfall Gapart

You’re the DsusOne that Dguides my Cheart


Lord, I Gneed You, COh, I Gneed D/F#You

EmEvery Chour I Gneed DYou

My G/BCone defense, my G/DrighteousnessC/E

Oh G/DGod, how I Dneed GYouC

Verse: 2

Where sin runs Gdeep Your Cgrace is Gmore

Where grace is Em7found is Dwhere You Care

And where You Gare, Lord, I Cam Gfree

DsusHoliness Dis Christ in Cme


CTeach my G/Bsong to Drise to EmYou

CWhen temptation Dcomes my Cway

And when I Ccannot G/Bstand I’ll Dfall on EmYou

CJesus, You’re my Dhope and GstayC

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