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Simple Gospel Keyboard Chords (A Major) and lyrics with all transpose control From Christian Song Sung By. United Pursuit.

Simple Gospel Christian Keyboard Chords

Verse 1

AI want to know You, Lord

Bm7Like I know a friend

F#m7I want to know You, D2Lord


ASo I’m laying down Bm7all my religion

F#m7I’m laying down

D2I want to know You, Lord

Verse 2

AI used to think Bm7that I could box You in

F#m7But I’m laying down

D2I want to know You, Lord


Verse 3

ALord, I’ve been told Bm7to be ashamed

F#m7Lord, I’ve been told D2I don’t measure up

ALord, I’ve been told Bm7I’m not good enough

F#m7But You’re here with meD2


AI reach out, Bm7and You

F#m7Find me in the D2dust

AAnd You say no amount Bm7of untruths

Can F#m7separate D2us

Chorus 2

AI will rejoice Bm7in the simple gospel

F#m7I will rejoice D2in You, Lord

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