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There Is A Name Keyboard Chords (Db Major) and lyrics with all transpose control From Bethel Music.

There Is A Name Christian Keyboard Chords

Verse 1

There is a Dbname

Who Gbreigns without Dbcontention

Whose Gbpower can’t be Bbmquestioned or Abcontained

With humble Dbfame

Db/FHe rules Gbthe earth and Dbheavens

His Gbglory knows no Bbmmeasure or Abrefrain

And it’s Gbbursting past the Bbmborder lines of Abspace


GbJesus, enthroned upon the praises of our heartsDb

GbJesus, You’re the King and You’re the center of it Bbmall       Ab

Verse 2

There is a DbnameDb/F

GbReaching past the Dbmargins

GbCalling sons and Bbmdaughters back to AbHim

And as He DbsavesDb/F

We can Gbhear the roar of DbHeaven

As Gbprodigals are Bbmcoming home Abagain

Oh the Gbtriumph of His Bbmname will never Abend



GbFor every eye will see

EbmEvery heart will know

BbmThere is no name above

The Dbname of Jesus

GbDeath could not hold Him down     Ebm

EbmNo grave could keep Him bound

BbmAll sin and sickness bow

To the Dbname of Jesus

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