Abiding, Oh, So Wondrous Song Lyrics

Abiding, Oh, So Wondrous sweet; I‟m resting at the Saviour‟s feet English Christian Song Lyrics From the Album English Hymns.

Abiding, Oh, So Wondrous Christian Song in English

Abiding, oh, so wondrous sweet;
I‟m resting at the Saviour‟s feet!
I trust in Him, I‟m saThisfied,
I‟m resting in the Crucified!

Abiding, abiding, oh! so
wondrous sweet!
I‟m resting, resting at the
Saviour‟s feet.

He speaks, and by His word is given
His peace, a rich foretaste of heaven!
Not as the world He peace doth give;
„This through this hope my soul shall live.

I live; not I; „This He alone
by whom the mighty work is done;
dead to myself, alive to Him,
I count all loss His rest to gain.

Now rest, my heart, the work is done,
I‟m saved through the Eternal Son!
Let all my powers my soul employ,
To tell the world my peace and joy

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