All Things Rise God, how beautiful Your Holy Word That formed the worlds English Christian Song Lyrics Sung By. Vineyard Worship.

All Things Rise Christian Song in English

God, how beautiful Your Holy Word
That formed the worlds in such goodness
O, the shame that we would spurn it allTo turn and fall into darkness

God, we’ll sing how through Your Son You turned
This loss and hurt into glory
How when scorned in death You raised Him up
His gain’s become the whole world’s story

Let all things rise and bless Your name
All things made right and new again
O Lord our God, Your goodnessIs free and boundless
Is reaching endless through it all

And on this road with every step we take
Your faithfulness is our portion
You’ve prepared a city bright and fair
Whose gates forever stay open

Son of God, in You we’ve taken up
The way of love’s occupation
O, the joy to share in Your reward
The stunning turn of new creation

Just as You promised, God, Your Son wasraised up
In Him, we’ll follow, in Him we’ll all beraised up

O Lord, you’ve made yourself a home
Heaven and earth forever one
All things once sown in weaknessYou raise in promise
Your beauty arches above it all

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