Already Done Song Lyrics

Already Done We pray for the mountains English Christian Song Lyrics Sung By. Free Worship.

Already Done Christian Song in English

Verse 1

We pray for the mountains to move
We pray for the oceans to part
We pray for a miracle
In our hearts, In our hearts

Verse 2

No need to hide back in the grave
No need to hold back any song
You said we can come now full of faith
It’s what You promised
What You promised


We believe it’s already done
Every battle’s already won
It is finished, it is perfect
We believe You’ve overcome
And it’s already, already done


We will sing like heaven is here
We will run like freedom is ours
We will dance cause You brought us this far
Take us further, take us further


You said it
We believe it
You spoke it
We receive it
Your kingdom come
Right here in us

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