Better Than Song Lyrics

Better Than Sunshine English Christian Song Lyrics Sung By. Crowder .

Better Than Christian Song in English

I’ve been trying to find a better way that I can explain it
I met somebody and they love me and it’s blowing my mind
Cuz they know all the places that I’ve been
But they stay with me knowing who I am
You’ll understand it once you feel it, why it’s hard to define

It’s better than sunshine
In a summertime blue sky
The best day of your whole life
Is being born for the second time
It’s a freedom
It’s a healing
Sweeter than you’ll ever find
And it’s better than sunshine
It’s better than sunshine

You got that doubt in your eyes, it’s kinda easy to see it
Had you a couple rough years where nothing went right
So I know, yeah, I know what you’re thinking
Ain’t a person on earth that could change it
But this ain’t something from earth, this is something divine

My Savior is better
My Jesus is better
His love is forever
It’s forever

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