By The Grace Of God Song Lyrics

By The Grace Of God English Christian Song Lyrics From the Album Bethel Music Sung By. Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson.

By The Grace Of God Christian Song in English

Verse: 1

I rest my soul on Jesus
When the mountains shake
I put my trust in Jesus
The moment I awake

Verse: 2

When my soul is lost as sea
He will bemy rock
My vision be in Christ alone
This grace is all we’ve got


His love is like the mighty ocean
His love for me will never stop
Oh His arms are strong enough to carry me
Through it all by the grace of God

Verse: 3

So high upon His shoulders
Safely brought this far
Helper of my helpless soul
The King of broken hearts



You are the passion of my life, Lord Jesus
You are the song within my soul
My strength, my hope, my all in all is You, Jesus You

Verse: 4

When breath grows still
And night draws near
I will not be d
I know the plans He has for me
Don’t finish at my grave


Through it all by the grace of God

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