Christmas Amazing Grace Lyrics

Christmas Amazing Grace Song Lyrics

This holy child is born to us
For all the world to see
Peace on the earth good will to men
To God all glory be

This couple travelled from afar
Arrived in Bethlehem
And in the inn they sought to stay
There was no room for them

They found a stable filled with hay
A manger for a bed
God’s son was born this winter night
Just as the angels said

The shepherds left to see this boy
They wandered through the night
The angels led the way to Him
A savior wrapped in light

A star shone bright up in the east
The wise men follow it
They brought Him gifts of gold and myrrh
To honor Christ the king

Jesus grew into a man
He died for you and me
But in three days He rose again
And with us He’ll ever be

With us He’ll ever be

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