Give My All  Song Lyrics

Give My All My heart surrendered Have it all English Christian Song Lyrics Sung By. Free Worship.

Give My All Christian Song in English

Verse 1
I’m bringing You this praise
I won’t look away
Never holding back my love for You

Laying down my pride
To always lift You high
All I am I freely give to You

Give my all
My heart surrendered
Have it all
I’m yours forever
For everything You’ve done
Let my life reflect your love
I give my all
I give you my all

Verse 2
When fear surrounds my life
Your freedom shines a light
Breaking through the chains that hold me down

Was lost but now I’m found
lifting up a shout
Giving all the glory to Your name

Take all of me
You’re all I need
I’m Yours forever
Yours forever

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