Here Comes The Kingdom Song Lyrics

Here Comes The Kingdom In the wonder, in all things English Christian Song Lyrics Sung By. Free Worship.

Here Comes The Kingdom Christian Song in English

Verse 1
In the wonder, in all things unknown
In this moment there’s revival
From the valleys to the highest throne
In your presence there are miracles

Higher than mountains rise
The king of kings resides
In the waiting
In the giants we face
Through the breaking
He is making a way
Rise up you weary souls
Our king breathes miracles
Here before us
Every battle is won
He is for us
And here comes the kingdom

Verse 2
In the waters holding back the waves
In the power of an empty grave
Undefeated, standing by my side
King of heaven, here be lifted high

Have no fear
Cast your worries
He’s still here
He’s still working
He’s not done
He’s not finished yet

If you’re still here
He’s not done

He’s a never-failing
Never failing God

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