Love Like This Song Lyrics

Love Like This Christian Song Lyrics

Oh the wonder of Your love
Leaves me speechless, undone
Oh the mystery of Your grace
That it covers my mistakes
In awe of You, I’m in awe of You

I’ve never known love like this
So beautiful
I’ll never get used to this
My heart is Yours
Of this I am convinced
From now until the end
I’ll never know love like this
So beautiful

When I think of what You’ve done
Every sin You’ve overcome
That You would do it all again
I will never comprehend
In awe of You, I’m in awe of You

You don’t leave me where You found me
Pull me up out of the mess
You don’t leave me brokenhearted
Never break Your promises
You keep giving second chances
Far above what I deserve
You keep telling me I’m worth it
Not a love I have to earn

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