Nothing Else Compares Song Lyrics

Nothing Else Compares In the middle of the English Christian Song Lyrics Sung By. Hillside Worship.

Nothing Else Compares Christian Song in English

In the middle of the struggle
In the fury of the battle
The shield that we raise
Is the Name above all names

We will not yield to worry
We won’t bow to anxiety
‘Cause the Spirit in us
Is power, It’s love
It’s Jesus

Lift up the King of heaven
Lift up His praise forever
If our God be lifted high
Then nothing else compares

Fear is being silenced
By the roar of heaven’s Lion
Praise is our weapon
And it’s bringing the darkness to it’s knees

Our enemy is vanquished
Our victory is promised
‘Cause the banner over us
Is the Lamb who overcomes

Who is like our God
Nothing else compares
Who is like our God
Nothing else compares
Unrivaled, unequaled
There is no one like our God

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