Nothing More Than You Lyrics

Nothing More Than You I need words deeper than the ocean English Christian Song From the Album To Love a Fool Sung by. Cory Asbury.

Nothing More Than You English Christian Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I need words deeper than the ocean
I need a voice that’s bigger than the sky
I need a song that’s worthy of Your nail scars
To sing of the love that took a chance on me

This is more than I could ask for
More than I could dream
The One who made the world somehow thinks the world of me
The highest King of Heaven
Chose to love a fool
I don’t understand it
But I know I want nothing more than You

Verse 2
I thought God was further than horizons
I thought grace was just beyond my reach
But You said my life was worthy of Your nail scars
So I’ll sing like it was
‘Cause You took a chance on me

When I was at my lowest
You still were on Your throne
When I was still a long way off
You ran to bring me home
When I was prone to wander
You loved me anyway
When I was six feet under
You pulled me from the grave

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