Rock of Ages Song Lyrics


Rock of Ages A fear would come to silence English Christian Song Lyrics From The Album Rock of Ages Sung By. Grace City.

Rock of Ages Christian Song in English

A fear would come to silence the believer
To make a fool of everything I’ve claimed
But I’ve taken doubt and thrown it to the fire
You wouldn’t want it any other way

You’re stirring up my faith here in this moment
It’s another call to step out on the waves
Now this anxious heart completely has surrendered
You wouldn’t want it any other way

Nothing’s gonna stop my praises
Nothing’s gonna stop my song
I know that the Rock of Ages
Is what I’m standing on

I would never fear a battle
That You’ve already won
I know, I know
You’re my victorious one

Verse 2:
These present things can’t compare to Your glory
And all the things You’re waiting to reveal
Though creation was subjected to frustration
It’s nothing that King Jesus couldn’t heal

I know that the victory is won in Jesus
Death has been defeated on the cross
Believing what Your word has said
It gives me faith to sing again
I know, I know

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