Share This Burden Song Lyrics

Share This Burden Sometimes I’m too tired to pray English Christian Song Lyrics From The Album Share This Burden Sung By. David Leonard.

Share This Burden Christian Song in English

Sometimes I’m too tired to pray
‘Cause it feels like nothing ever changes
But I never really say it
It’s so hard to say it

And the more I try to pretend
The more the weight caves in
And I can’t stop it
I can’t stop

My soul from crying out
My soul keeps crying out, oh Lord
I’m screaming inside

Somebody take the load off of my shoulders
It’s too heavy I can’t hold it no more, no more
I wasn’t meant to carry this mountain
Or bury it down in my soul
No, I was meant to share this burden

I gotta fall down to rise
If I wanna live I gotta die
I’ve gotta to know the darkness
To show the light

Brothers, sisters
We’ve gotta share this burden

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