The Story I’ll Tell Song Lyrics

The Story I’ll Tell OH OH OH I know it is well English Christian Song Lyrics From the Album Maverick City Music Vol 3 Sung by. feat. Naomi Raine.

The Story I’ll Tell English Christian Song Lyrics

Verse: 1
The hour is dark,
And it’s hard to see,
What you are doin’,
Here in the ruins
And where this will lead,

Oh but I know,
That down through the years,
I’ll look on this moment,
See your hand on it
And know you were here

Pre Chorus :
And I’ll testify of the battles you’ve won
How you were my portion when there wasn’t enough
I’ll sing a song of the seas that we crossed
The waters you parted
The waves that I walked

Chorus :
OH OH OH My God did not fail
OH OH OH it’s the story I’ll tell
OH OH OH I know it is well
OH OH OH is the story I’ll tell

Verse: 2
Believing gets hard
When options are few
When I can’t see how you’re moving
I know that you’re proving
You’re the God that comes through

Oh but I know
That over the years,
I’ll look back on this moment
And see your hand on it
And know You were here

Bridge :
All that is left is highest praises
So sing hallelujah to the Rock of Ages

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