When I Take My Vacation Christian Song Lyrics

When I Take My Vacation In Heaven, What A Wonderful Time That Will Be; English Christian Song Lyrics Sung by. Believers Song Book.

Here So Many Are Taking Vacation,
To The Mountains, The Lakes Or The Sea;
Where They Rest From Their Cares And Their Worries,
What A Wonderful Time That Must Be!

But It Seems Not My Lot To Be Like Them,
I Must Toil Thru The Heat And The Cold,
Seeking Out The Lost Sheep On The Mountains,
Bringing Wanderers Back To The Fold.

When I Take My Vacation In Heaven,
What A Wonderful Time That Will Be;
Hearing Concerts By The Heavenly
And The Face Of My Saviour I’ll See;

Sitting Down By The Banks Of The River;
‘Neath The Shade Of The Ever Green Tree,
I Shall Rest From My Burdens Forever,
Won’t You Spend Your Vacation With Me.

Now Some Day I Shall Take My Vacation
To The City John Tells Us About;
With Its Foundation Walls All So Precious,
Where From Gladness Of Heart I Shall Shout!

O No Sights Ever Witnessed By Mortals,
Can Compare With The Glories Up There
I Shall Spend My Vacation With Jesus,
In The Place He Went On To Prepare.

There The Weather Will Always Be Perfect.
Not A Cloud Shall Sweep Over The Sky;
And No Earthquakes Or Cyclones Shall Threaten,
In The Land Of The “Sweet By And By”;

Soon There’s Going To Be An Excursion,
I Am Booked For A Ride In The Air.
You’re Invited To Share My Vacation,
And The Feast With Our Bridegroom To Share.

Here On Earth When We Take Our Vacation,
We Return To Our Homes By And By;
When I Take My Vacation In Heaven,
In Those Mansions Of Gold In The Sky.

I Shall Dwell With My Saviour Forever,
With Him Sit On His Heavenly Throne;
All The Days Will Be One, Long Vacation,
When My Saviour Takes Me To His Home.

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