You Changed Me Over Christian Song Lyrics


You Changed Me Over Lord, I Want You To Know English Christian Song Lyrics From The Album From The Heart Sung By. Shirley Caesar.

What Have I Done To Deserve So Much Love From You? Tell Me Lord
And Why Am I Blessed To Feel Your Presence Ever Near Me? Tell Me

In Weaker Days My Spirit Never Been So Strong
Lord, I Don’t Know How I Made It
But Lord, You Promised Me, If Only I Would Confess All My Sins
You Told Me, You Would Forgive Me, Jesus
And Make Me Over Again

You Made Me Over, Yes You Did
You Made Me Over
When I Was Down In Sorrow By Then, Jesus
You Changed Me Over, Lord, I Want You To Know That You Made Me Over Again

I Wanted To Right All Of My Wrongs
That Were Down In My Heart, Oh Yes, I Did, Jesus
I Was Vain And Full Of Pride, Satisfied With Myself
But Lord, One Day You Cleansed My Heart

You Gave Me Brand New Thoughts And Gave Peace To My Simple Mind
Lord, You Filled My Soul With Love, You Gave Me So Warm And Kind
And Then Lord, You Promised Me, If I Was Just To Confess All The Sins
Lord, You Told Me In Your Word, You’d Forgive Me And Make Me Over Again

You Made Me Over, You Made Me Brand New
I Was Down In A Sinful Life
You Changed Me Over
The Things I Used To Do, I Do No More
You Changed Me Over
And The Places I Used To Go, I Don’t Go No More
Lord, That’s How I Know, You Changed Me Over, Yes, You Did
I Want To Tell Everybody What You’ve Been Doing For Me
Lord, You’ve Changed My Walk, You’ve Changed My Talk
Hallelujah, Jesus Has Changed Me Over, Oh Yes You Did
And You Told Me In Your Word…

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