Such an Awesome God Song Lyrics

Such an Awesome God So mighty so holy so wonderful English Christian Song Lyrics From the Album Bethel Music Sung by. Maverick City Music.

Such an Awesome God English Christian Song Lyrics

Verse: 1
You call the sun to rise
You lay it down to rest
You hold this heart of mine
You hold my every breath

Chorus :
Such an awesome god
So mighty so holy so wonderful
Such an awesome God
So selfless so generous so faithful you are

Verse: 2
Seated in majesty
Reigning in holiness
The table is set for me
For you are the living bread

Bridge :
And nothing comes close to the lord almighty
Nothing as sweet as his love and mercy

Verse: 3
Jesus the son of god
Hung on a cross to die
But not even death itself could hold you down
For you rose to life

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